We enable change! How about you?

For more than 20 years we have been providing the best software solutions in the field of project management, strategy change and agile organizations. With more than 100,000 users, Fortes is a leading player in the Netherlands and beyond.

Would you like to come and work for us? Then visit us in Enschede, or respond immediately to one of the vacancies!

What we do

Thanks to our software, organizations can respond better to changes in their market. Fortes Change Cloud makes organizations agile, contributes to a strategy that has real impact, and gives more control during project implementation. We enable change!

Who we are

It is our passion to support organizations in realizing strategic changes thanks to the Fortes Change Cloud software!

Three values are central to us:

Nice people

At Fortes we work together in teams on software solutions that offer added value for our customers.

We are flexible, open to new ideas and love table tennis!

Valuable products

We deliver beautiful software that really benefits our customers.

For over 20 years we have been the supplier of software for strategic change and project portfolio management.

Beautiful customers

More than 100.000 users work with our software every day.

Our customers consist of leading organizations within government, healthcare, infrastructure, FMCG and business services.

Work at Fortes?

That’s possible! We are constantly looking for new colleagues. Would you like to come and work at Fortes? View our current vacancy overview here.

Looking for a challenging internship or graduation assignment?

Fortes is always looking for young talent. Are you looking for a challenging internship or graduation where you get a lot of responsibility? Then we are looking for you!

Do you want to earn extra money in addition to your studies?

Are you the personal helpdesk for your friends and family? Or are you always tinkering with your computer? And are you looking for a flexible and challenging part-time job? Then Fortes is looking for you!

Tip from Thijs

“If you do not want to end up in a large organization where all processes have already been crystallized, but if you do like more freedom and agility, Fortes is the perfect place for you!”


Thijs – Consultant 
“We are a small team, so everything is very clear, we have a lot of influence on the development of the software.”


Eric – Software Developer
“What I enjoy most about my job is the variety, I never do the same thing all day long. This way we always work with the latest techniques and you are free in which solution direction you choose”


Ivo – DevOps and Hosting specialist

What’s so fun about working at Fortes?

“The colleagues and the fun things we always do, there are plenty of activities you can participate in.”


Thomas – Lead UI/UX 

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