We enable change!

How about you?

We have been providing the finest software solutions in portfolio and project management for 25 years. Our clients are large, high-profile organizations often with significant social responsibility. Delivering value to our customers is therefore our top priority.

Our culture

We all value the user experience of our product. We have the greatest impact with a high degree of professionalism and structured working methods. We work from independence and take responsibility. As a result, we can get by with little hierarchy and there are short lines of communication. With us, you’ll find professional ownership and a good dose of humor in the workplace. We like to alternate writing masterfully beautiful code with a game of table tennis.

Part of the Qics group

Fortes is part of the Qics group consisting of two companies in the Netherlands and one in Denmark. This gives you the opportunity to learn about different cultures, practices and technologies within one organization. Also, because of this, your career opportunities within Fortes are very broad and diverse.

To our clients, as a group, we offer a complete range of targeted solutions from strategic direction to project-based execution. And with that, they can always be one step ahead of the competition. Which explains our motto “One step ahead”. Check the Qics website for vacancies at our other offices in Katwijk and Odense (Denmark).

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Agile organization

Fortes is a mature and relatively small organization with a young mindset. As a result, we are very agile. We are open to your input. We think it’s so important that you have an impact on our development choices that we’ve made it part of our way of working. We continue to work entirely according to the SCRUM method.

Hybrid working

We believe in balance. Balance between working at home and in the office, balance between flexibility to combine work and family on one hand and structure and set working hours to keep connection with your team on the other. On Wednesdays, we all work at our office in Enschede and make time for a shared lunch.

What we are all in for

We help our clients achieve strategic change. That’s what we do with Fortes Change Cloud! Everything we do is centered on three things:

Nice people

At Fortes, we work together in teams to create software solutions that provide added value for our customers.

We are flexible, open to new ideas and do love a game of table tennis!

Valuable products

We deliver beautiful software that really benefits our customers.

For over 20 years, we have been the provider of software for strategic change and project portfolio management.

Great customers

More than 100,000 users work with our software every day.

Our clients include leading organizations within government, healthcare, infrastructure, FMCG and business services.

You, as a student, are most welcome.

Are you the personal help desk for your friends and family? Or always tinkering with your computer for yourself? And are you looking for a flexible and challenging side job? Then a student job at Fortes is for you! Take a quick look at our student jobs, internships and graduate programs.

Tip from Thijs

“If you don’t want to end up in a large organization where all the processes are already crystallized, but if you like more freedom and agility then Fortes is the perfect place for you!”


Thijs – Consultant
“We are a small team, therefore everything is very manageable, we have a lot of influence on what is done and on the development of the software.”


Eric – Software Developer
“The thing I like most about my job is the variety, I never do the same thing for whole days. For example, we always work with the latest techniques and you are free to choose which solution direction you choose.”


Ivo – DevOps and Hosting specialist

What’s so great about working at Fortes?

“The colleagues and the fun things we always do, there are plenty of outings and plenty of things you can participate in.”


Thomas – Lead UI/UX