The Fortes Change Cloud provides support for SAFe. It has been expanded to include the ability to schedule a roadmap. This new functionality is in addition to the PI (Planning Interval) planning already in place. This allows planning at all the usual SAFe levels:

  • Roadmap: planning Epics and associated Features across Planning Intervals. This includes dependencies between Features. It also takes into account the velocity by team.
  • PI planning: detailed planning of a Planning Interval. The features to be realized are planned in the sprints of the Planning Interval. Again including dependencies and taking into account the velocity by team.

Options for Capacity Planning have also been added. For each team, the velocity can be entered. When planning the features, it is clear if the work fits within the available capacity.

In addition, the requested capacity can be converted from Story Points to hours. This visualizes the capacity requested in an Agile program per Epic for each Team based on the Planning interval on the Portfolio. The capacity requested can be analyzed integrally with all Portfolio items and contributes to Strategic Capacity Planning.