Agile organisation.

As an organization, respond more quickly to changes with software that approaches strategic, operational and portfolio issues from an agile perspective

Built-in agility

Organizations are under constant pressure to innovate. This requires agile organizations that can adapt quickly to the market. Agile organizations have “built” change into their DNA. Collaboration takes precedence over processes, with the emphasis on clear communication within and between teams, iterative execution of projects, and quick feedback on results. These are all things that you can easily realize with Fortes Change Cloud.

Scaled Agile

As an organization, respond more quickly to change and approach strategic, operational and portfolio issues integrally from an agile perspective. Your agility is thus not limited to separate teams and backlogs, but is stretched to the full width. This is called Scaled Agile . Fortes Change Cloud grows with you during all phases of organizational agility: from separate agile teams to Scaled Agile at all levels in your organization!



Why Fortes Change Cloud?

  • Integrated solution for agile portfolio management, agile programs (release trains) and agile teams;
  • Transparant lightweight decision-making processes and better information sharing between teams;
  • Easily (re) prioritize thanks to intuitive Kanban boards and advanced value tracking;
  • Support for widely used frameworks and methodologies, including SAFe / Scaled Agile, LeSS, Scrum, Kanban, AgilePM and PRINCE2 Agile;
  • Supports hybrid project environments with agile and waterfall project portfolio management (PPM);
  • Offers handles and graphic tools for setting up a continuous learning and improvement cycle;
  • Grip on change processes across the board: from goals and prioritization to implementation and feedback.

    Do more in less time

    With over 100,000 users, Fortes Change Cloud is the market leader in agile portfolio and program management and agile teams.

    Numerous companies, ministries, hospitals, water boards and municipalities have already opted for Fortes. Not only because of the scalable and intuitive software solutions, but also for the no-nonsense implementation approach of our consultants. With deep knowledge of agile methodologies and agile working, the design of Fortes Change Cloud therefore takes less time than you think!

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