It is now possible to configure the detail page of log items according to your needs. This is true in the portfolio app for the issues and risks tabs.

When you go to the detail page of a log item, there is now a menu button with the Customize Page option. You will then enter the canvas’s configuration mode and you can change the default layout. This feature is only available for administrator, manager and support roles.

The settings button () of a segment allows you to customize the segment. With the cross () you can discard the segment. The “+ add segment” button at the bottom of the canvas allows you to add a new segment. Segments can be moved on the page by clicking on the header of the segment and then dragging it with the mouse. A segment can be made larger or smaller at the corner of a segment ().

The “Reset to default” button restores the default layout.

On the detail page of a log item, 4 segment types can be added.

Fields: self-selectable fields.
All self-defined fields: contains all self-defined fields of the log item in question.
Tasks: tasks can be added to the log item.
Documents: documents can be added to the log item.

The fields segment is the only segment that can be added multiple times on a canvas.

A custom detail page can be set up for each log item type. The custom detail page is only available in the porfolio where you did the customization. If you want to roll out the customized detail pages over multiple/all portfolios, this can be done using portfolio models.

When you adjust the detail pages in a model, all derived portfolios and projects will have these adjusted pages. In the model you can further set whether the model is strictly followed or whether you can deviate per portfolio.