The three adoption stages of Scaled Agile

These days, agile plays a significant role in change organisation. Originally developed to support IT, it is now rapidly gaining ground in the entire organisation (Scaled Agile). Fortes Change Cloud will soon provide specific support and guidance in all three adoption stages of (scaled) agile: experiment, embed and extent.

Stage 1: Experiment

With our easy-to-use Agile Boards app, employees get inspired to start exploring agile (Scrum or Kanban). This will help to gain experience, create enthusiasm and learn more about the agile principles and practices.

Stage 2: Embed

Soon, there will be a need for embedding agile in the organisation in order to budget and justify hours and costs spent. Fortes Change Cloud facilitates this by managing agile teams from a traditional change portfolio.

Stage 3: Extend

When agile is not only used in teams and projects, but it starts to extend to portfolios, transformation programs and day-to-day operations, it is called scaled agile.

Smart integration with JIRA

JIRA is the leading tool for agile software development. With Fortes Change Cloud it is possible to keep using JIRA. With only a few clicks you can create management reports with data from Fortes Change Cloud apps and JIRA. Fortes Change Cloud apps can also be used to capture time spent on JIRA items.

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