Monitor everything, easily.

Always insight into the change cycle.

Real-time insights with Insight

Fast learning is only possible through real-time insight into the total change cycle. Therefore monitor constantly the effect of all initiatives on strategic goals and get better control through insight on benefits and costs.


Gain insight into the progress of projects, programs and portfolios through the clear visual real-time, standard supplied reports. Or define them yourself according to your own insight. Share the reports easily with management and stakeholders, so that everyone is informed about developments in time.

Infographic: How benefits management connects people

What does income management deliver, what distinguishes unsuccessful organizations from successful ones, and how do you best approach income management?

Standard with support apps

In addition to the primary apps, Fortes Change Cloud consists of a number of preconditional apps that are essential for collecting, linking and sharing information. Fit for purpose and simple to use.


Project members register hours via weeks in Fortes Change Cloud.


Create an optimal distribution of employees across the projects.

BI Connectivity

Export data from the Fortes Change Cloud to various BI tools.


Project members register hours via weeks in Fortes Change Cloud.

Link strategy apps with Agile and / or Waterfall

Managing all these changes is an interesting challenge and more and more part of the daily business. Having an up-to-date insight into the progress of the projects, including their contribution to the strategic objectives, is then a must. Moreover, these projects require a lot of work, while the right knowledge and resources are scarce. It is therefore important to assign the right priorities and to steer the best achievable result with the optimum use of the available resources.

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