Customizing increment names

When adding a new increment on the PI scheduling tab, it is now possible to give the increment its own chosen name. Previously, this was a system-generated name. If you choose not to enter an increment name, the system still automatically creates a name for the increment. This can be changed at a later time. To do this go to the menu option ‘Rename increment name’.

Customizing sprint names

Sprint names can also be changed from now on. You can do this by clicking on a sprint name in the PI schedule. In the dialog that appears, you can change the name. As before, if you do not enter a sprint name, the system automatically creates a sequence number for the sprint.

Adding and removing sprints in an existing increment

It is now possible to add new sprints or delete sprints in an existing increment.

Adding a sprint can be done by going to the menu option ‘add sprint at the end of the increment’. The sprint will automatically be assigned a sequence number. If you then click on the sprint name in the PI schedule, you can edit the sprint name.

Removing a sprint can be done by going to the menu option ‘remove last sprint from the increment’. The last sprint will then be removed. If there were already items in the sprint that has now been removed, these items can be dragged again from the left list of the PI schedule to another sprint. An increment should always have 1 sprint. Thus, the last sprint cannot be deleted.