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The best solution for ministries and municipalities for the management of projects and programs for over 20 years.

The solution for government institutions

As a municipality, government or independant administrative govenment body the bar is set high. You have to maintain a firm grasp on your project portfolio and policy programs. So you want to use proven methods. With Fortes Change Cloud you can count on years of experience, contained in a reliable platform.  


7 out of the 10 largest Dutch municipalities work with Fortes Change Cloud.

Central government

More transparency towards the House of Representatives, citizens and interested parties in one dashboard


Independent administrative authorities cooperate with Fortes Change Cloud.

“We can now finally see our bottlenecks are the consequences of the decisions we make.”

Hans Ooms

Project lead and controller, LVNL

Legality: Coordinate programs with policy

Doing things right is important, doing the right things even more important. By providing insight into the contribution of each program and project to the strategic policy objectives, new policy initiatives can easily be weighed up and assessed and given the right priority.

Communication & accountability

In today’s society, citizens demand that they be accountable for what their tax money has been spent on, and what social benefits this has resulted in. By communicating transparently about current projects, possible risks and expected results, policymakers and policy implementers maintain the necessary support among all stakeholders – and within society.

These institutions preceded you

Fortes Change Cloud for professional project management

The complex environments in which municipalities and central government operate require far-reaching professionalization. Project-based working based on proven methodologies is then an important tool to keep a grip on project portfolios and policy programs. Fortes Change Cloud from Fortes Solutions has been delivering all this for over 20 years. Various ministries and municipalities have been using Fortes Change Cloud for years to manage their projects and programs. Fortes Change Cloud is a Dutch initiative, and has been developed since 1997 from the Fortes Solutions head office in Enschede. Training, support and consultancy take place from Amersfoort.

Customer case: City of The Hague

The Municipality of The Hague wanted to gain more control over individual IT projects and the project portfolio.

Download the customer case: City of The Hague

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