On Thursday 16 February 2017 our Best Practice Seminar was held. The seminar was themed ‘Combining traditional projects with Agile: how to stay in control?’ More than 150 professionals visited this event, which made the seminar a success. Many organisations use Agile for their portfolios and programs. For specific challenges, such as infrastructure, traditional project portfolio management is used. However, a hybrid situation makes it more complex to stay in control. Dimitri Mayer (Blokker Holding), Robbert de Haan (Royal FloraHolland) and Sander Nijenhuis (Fortes Solutions) shared their vision and experiences about the topic.

The oil tanker and the speedboat – Blokker Holding

Blokker Holding is undergoing a large digital transformation. To illustrate the two different speeds within the organization, Dimitri makes the comparison with a oil tanker and a speedboat. The oil tanker is massive and powerful but moving slowly. The oil tanker illustrates how Blokker Holding became the organization it is today, since its founding days. Current developments in retail landscape require a different speed, the speedboat. A part of the speed changing process lies in the transformation from traditional project management to a more Agile way of working. In his presentation, Dimitri explained how the family business coped with this challenge. Blokker Holding uses the Principal Toolbox to support the digital transformation program.

Transformation to the #1 global digital market place – Royal FloraHolland

Today’s digital world requires a new way of doing business and additional qualities. Other rules are applicable. Royal FloraHolland, the world’s largest flower auction company, is transforming into an international platform-based business for plants and flowers. The digital transformation requires a different approach. Robbert de Haan explained how the transformation into a platform-based business requires a different business model.

Combining traditional with agile, without losing control

The seminar was concluded with a session by Sander Nijenhuis, CEO of Fortes Solutions. Sander Nijenhuis demonstrated how to embed agile within traditional organizations. Many organizations have created a hybrid structure of agile and waterfall. A hybrid structure makes it more complex and results in specific tooling requirements. The challenge lies in knowing how to stay in control of agile projects in traditional organizations. Fortes Change Cloud, the new multi-app platform of Fortes Solutions, makes it possible. Fortes Change Cloud connects the two different approaches, without losing control.