In the ‘Breakdown Items’ tab of the Agile Program, a breakdown can be made per Portfolio item (e.g. Epic) into sub-items (e.g. Features). If there are many Portfolio items with sub-items, searching through this list will quickly become difficult. Three functionalities have been added to maintain the overview.
  1. Collapse and collapse of Portfolio sub-items Quickly view all Portfolio items (e.g. Epics) below each other by hiding the sub-items (e.g. Features).
  2. Hide Portfolio items ‘without visible program items On the Breakdown tab, a filter option has been added to hide all portfolio items (e.g. Epics) that do not have sub-items (e.g. Features) at the touch of a button.
  3. Easily pull in Portfolio items in the Agile Program At the top of the screen (Breakdown tab) an extra button has been placed to fetch Portfolio items (Epics) into the Agile Program. This prevents you from having to scroll down through a long list of retrieved Portfolio items to retrieve items.