Built-in Scaled Agile support that matches methodologies such as SAFe and LeSS

Fortes Change Cloud offers three apps with which organizations are supported in a practical manner with an organization-wide and integrated application of Scaled Agile methods.

The Hybrid portfolio app, Agile program app and Agile team app can easily be configured for targeted support of the most popular Scaled Agile frameworks such as SAFe and LeSS. They are also easy to integrate with commonly used tools such as Jira and Microsoft Azure DevOps.

In the Agile programm app (in SAFe terms “Agile Release Train”) you can “pull” the items (=epics in SAFe) from the parent portfolio to the program with one push of the button.

Step by step you can then develop these portfolio items into program items (= features in SAFe) in an agile board with different, configurable statuses (lists)

The Agile program app also offers built-in support for Program Increment (PI) planning. Items (= features in SAFe) can easily be scheduled in the various sprints of the increment to be started. If there are dependencies during the realization of items, these can be quickly visualized with arrows. After the planning is final, the items can be linked to the selected agile teams. These teams can in turn split the features into “smaller” items (= user story in SAFe).

Would you like to know more about the possibilities of the Agile program app? Read the articles about the Agile program app in the “knowledge base” here.

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