Maximum flexibility with the new Project app

The new Project app supports modern project management in an intuitive way. You have maximum flexibility because you can use a Gantt chart, a kanban board or a combination of both. The latter method is also called agile project management

With the built-in Gantt chart functionality, an activity plan can be made in a short time. In the kanban you have customizable task lists (such as “To Do”, “Doing” and “Done”). These tasks can be easily linked or added to activities in the Gantt chart.

The combination of the Gantt chart for the planning of activities and the kanban for all (sub) tasks to be performed ensures optimal overview and control.

In the Gantt chart functionality, a resource plan can also be made by adding people and / or skills to the activities. This provides a quick insight into the required number of hours per activity and for the project as a whole.

Would you like to know more about the possibilities of the Project app? Read the articles about the Project app in the “knowledge base” here.

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