Fortes Change Cloud release Fall 2023

Strategic Resource Management and much more.

It is more efficient and effective to work in a data driven way. When managing your organisation you want to utilize all available data. That’s why ,in the latest release of Fortes Change Cloud, we launch even more capabilities to unlock, analyze and interpret your data. But that’s not the only new feature in the Fall 2023 release. We want to offer you a brief overview of our biggest new features.

Strategic Financial Management

Strategic Financial Management is the process of allocating the available financial resources to projects, based on their strategic value. Just like with Strategic Resource Management you align the level of detail with the planning horizon. Strategic Financial Management involves identifying the right projects, determining their strategic value, and estimating their financial feasibility. Based on this evaluation, you allocate financial resources. After this, it’s important to monitor the project performance. This way you can ensure the projects are on schedule and financial means are being used effectively.

screenshot strategic resource management

Data driven work: Power BI en Odata

Power BI is a powerful tool for data analysis and data visualization. We use PowerBI in Fortes Change Cloud to visualize the performance and risks of a project portfolio. Power BI was already available in our iInsights app and has now also been added to all portfolios and the Enterprise portfolios. We have included several default reports. You can adjust these to your own specific preferences and requirements. When you prefer your own reporting tool you can now also use OData. This data exchange protocol allows you to exchange data securely, which makes integrations easier, more user friendly and more efficient.

Strategic themes, (SAFe) Roadmap and PI planning and more

Aside form Strategic Financial Management and Data driven work we’ve included several other new features in the fall release of FCC. Some are:

  • You can now link portfolio items to key organization objectives: strategic themes.For every theme, you can evaluate costs, the needed capacity and progress.
  • We extended the support of SAFe with roadmap planning capabilities. Because Agile and traditional processes are supported in FCC this makes it even easier to plan the capacity effectively for organizations that have a hybrid project approach.
  • Change historyon portfolio items and plan items is now stored. This audit trail is an important feature for both internal management and third-party (supervisory) audits.
  • It is now possible to set a default filter or sorting order for entry lists, so you only get offered the relevant entry options.

Curious about what Strategic Themes are and what you use them for? Then watch the video below.

In short, the new release of Fortes Change Cloud offers numerous new features and improvements. Do you have a license for FCC and do you want to know more? In the Knowledge base (from FCC click on the question mark and choose “support”) you will find all the details.

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