Fortes Change Cloud release Spring 2023

Strategic Resource Management and much more.

Those who work in change are never without work. There are always more project ideas than can be served, based on the available capacity. But an unhealthy workload can lead to dissatisfaction or even a burn-out. And the feeling that projects just won’t end. Or doubt if a project can be executed. How do you maintain the balance between capacity and achieving your strategic goals?  

It starts with insight. insight into the available capacity is essential to making the right choices: what do we do and what don’t we? When do we start? Should we train people, hire expertise or recruit for more permanent HR capacity?  

Strategic Resource Management 

One of the most striking new features in the Fortes Change Cloud this spring is the full support of Strategic Resource Management. With this, you offset your portfolio’s long-term demand for skills or teams against the available capacity.  

With this, you can prevent draining your resources because you are executing too many projects at once. You can make the right choices at an early stage, solving capacity challenges. It shifts your portfolio management from being reactive to being proactive and keeps you focused on your strategic goals rather than putting out fires.  

screenshot strategic resource management

Portfolio models, management information graphics and more… 

Next to Strategic Resource Management Fortes Change Cloud version 15.8 also offers several new possibilities, including these:  

  • You can now use portfolio models in the Standard mode as well as the classic mode.  
  • No less than eight new graphical segments are available for showing management information on your portfolio dashboard or personalized lay-out.  
  • Detail screens of logitems are now customizable.  
  • Plan-items in projects can now contain a plan for money as well as hours. And the items move as you adjust the planning.  
  • Capabilities for working with Agile Programs and the link to Jira and Azure Devops Teams have been expanded. 

Want to know more about Strategic resource management? In our free webinar we explain more about the thought behind Strategisch resource management. And of course, we show you how the Fortes Change cloud provides in functionality to support it. Sign up for this (Dutch) webinar using the form below.