Start approval process from projects

Change management involves decisions: for example, approval of the business case or the decision on a change in the project.
To make decisions, an approval process needs to be followed: for example first approval by the architect, then approval by the steering committee and after that approval by the MT.
With the new ‘Approval Segment’, approval workflows can be defined and started. This from a portfolio item (map on the portfolio) or a project.
The FCC supports the approval process by offering the possibility to:
  • define advanced approval workflows;
  • add documents to the approval workflow;
  • email approval requests and reminders to reviewers;
  • hold comments and statuses: audit trail. So that it can be seen who made what judgment, and when.
  • display all started approval workflows in a list next to the portfolio item or project in a clear and easy to consult manner.

Need instructions?

Want to know more about the approval workflows? Then read the articles on approval workflows on the knowledge base here.

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