Student Jobs

Are you the personal helpdesk for your friends and family? Or always tinkering with your computer for yourself? And are you looking for a flexible and challenging part-time job? Then working at Fortes is the perfect job for you!

Student Software Tester

Parttime – Enschede

Will you ensure that the quality of our software is guaranteed?



Student Job

Parttime – Enschede

Study, gain practical experience and earn extra money!



“I can apply everything I learn at Fortes to my studies and my hobbies. So it contributes a lot to my professional career and I like that.”


Pim – Student BSC Technical Computer Science

What’s so fun about working at Fortes?

“The colleagues and the fun things we always do, there are plenty of activities and plenty of things you can participate in.”


Thomas – Lead UI/UX 
“During my study in ICT, I looked for a part time job at a company that works with web technology and long-term projects. That’s how I ended up at Fortes.
The Fortes software is really an extension of my studies, it ties in well with what I learned during my studies. That is why I did my graduation research at Fortes in addition to my part time job. This went so well that I have been employed by Fortes for several years now.”


Fabian – Software Developer 
“There is a very open atmosphere, everyone is always there for each other and you can contact someone at any time. Whether it’s a work-related question or just a chat and a cup of coffee.”


Marlyn – Marketing & Sales Professional 
“Find a side job in your field so that when you have finished your studies you already have experience. This is often appreciated and you notice whether you like the work”


Eric – Software Developer 

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