Fortes for local water authorities

The best solution for local water authorities for managing change for over 20 years.

More control over investment works

Every year, tens to hundreds of millions of euros are invested within the water authorities. Project managers have a responsible task in which a structured working method is very important to be able to work efficiently. Fortes Change Cloud offers the solution.

Future goals and achievements

Drawing up a multi-year investment plan in a water authority is a complex process in which many factors must be taken into account. Fortes Change Cloud offers support with the possibility to generate integrated overviews in which projects can be included in every phase. In addition, multiple future scenarios can be developed side by side and compared with each other.

Fortes Change Cloud for grip on investment works

The time-saving functionalities of Fortes Change Cloud make targeted management possible and the paperwork has been significantly reduced. Job satisfaction and productivity increase and Fortes Change Cloud also makes it a lot easier to transfer work to another colleague or to collaborate with external parties on a joint project.

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