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New! Automatically synchronize milestones between portfolio and project

In portfolio planning, milestones can be defined. These milestones can now easily be transferred to the planning of the corresponding project. A changed planning can be returned to the portfolio with a push of a button.

New! 2-directional synchronization in the Jira connectivity app

From now on, when information is updated in Fortes Change Cloud, that information will also be updated immediately in Jira. This was first synchronized to Jira once when creating and linking an item in FCC .

New! Side panel: all properties and settings in 1 place

There are many configuration options in the portfolio app. These had become scattered in the Fortes Change Cloud. With the new side panel, these configuration options are brought together in one convenient place.

New! Show additional information on (Kanban) cards

Visual management is important: as a user you want to know what the status is at a glance. To support that, it is now possible to place additional information on (kanban) cards in the portfolio app, projects app and the agile apps.

New: Report on Kanban cards in the projects app

In a project, a kanban board is available in which actions can be tracked. New is that these actions can be reported. This can be done for example in a list overview or an automatic (Excel) report.

New! Azure DevOps Connectivity

With the Azure DevOps Connectivity app, you can very easily and securely delegate the execution of items in portfolios, programs and projects in Fortes Change Cloud to teams in Azure DevOps.

New hours app!

There is a completely new hours app for completing weekly statements. This app is easy to use on any screen size. This app can be installed on your phone or tablet. So you can update your timesheet anywhere.

New! Azure AD SCIM user management and authentication

Never have to manually create or delete users in Fortes Change Cloud again? You can! Fortes Change Cloud supports Microsoft's new SCIM protocol for 'user provisioning'.

New! User groups available in all apps

In addition to individual users, groups of users can now be authorized on all apps (such as on projects or portfolios). Use authorization groups to give the entire group the same authorization at once.

New! Start approval process from projects

Change management involves decisions: for example, agreement on the business case or the decision on a change in the project. These workflows can now be started directly from the project or portfolio item.