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Logs: registration options expanded

Several logs are available in FCC such as Issue and Risk log. New is a pop-up that opens when creating/modifying a logbook entry in which the data of a portfolio entry can be added. This makes the creation and management of logbook items easier.

Print functionality for canvases

At various places in the FCC (e.g., the Portfolio), cards can be filled in (e.g., Portfolio item). In the FCC these cards are called canvases. When you open a card you will see a Print button at the top to print the content of the card. This functionality was already

Lezers rol in Workflow-Group

An expansion of permissions on the 'advanced approval workflow module' has been realized. By adding the 'Readers role', stakeholders can be given the ability to read all started and completed workflows related to a particular Workflow Group.

Maintaining an overview in the ‘Splitting’ tab.

In the 'Breakdown Items' tab of the Agile Program, a breakdown can be made per Portfolio item (e.g. Epic) into sub-items (e.g. Features). If there are many Portfolio items with sub-items, searching through this list will quickly become difficult. Three functionalities have been added to maintain the overview.

New! Side panel: all properties and settings in 1 place

There are many configuration options in the Fortes Change Cloud. These had become scattered. With the new side panel, these configuration options are brought together in one convenient place.