Connect strategy with results.

Fortes Change Cloud. One software platform to accelerate strategic change while keeping a grip on progress, costs and risks. Realize lasting impact with Fortes Change Cloud for (agile) project portfolio management!

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From strategy to value realization.

In a decisive organization, the lines between strategy and execution are short. Fortes Change Cloud consists of a number of apps for strategy formation, project execution and measuring results. We call that Think – Do – Learn. And whether the execution is done in an Agile way or following the traditional waterfall approach: we enable change!

Make your organization agile

Fortes Change Cloud offers apps to fit any organization.


Define strategic direction and objectives.


Get a better grip on time, money, quality and resources.



Respond faster to change with (scaled) agile working.



Analyze the results and adjust your strategy as needed.



More than 100,000 satisfied users already

“Instead of a portfolio with 150 scattered corporate projects, there is now a solid portfolio with around 50 active corporate projects that contribute to the policy objectives of the Hague City Council.”

Gemeente Den Haag

“We can finally see where the bottlenecks are and the consequences of the agreements we make.”

Air Traffic Control Netherlands

“It is more than a strict customer-supplier relationship that we have with Fortes – it is a close partnership that we have entered into. Fortes explicitly involves us in the ongoing development of Fortes Change Cloud.”


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