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The solution for the healthcare sector

The healthcare sector is constantly changing. Mergers and reorganisations, but also the decentralization of care tasks and a greater role for health insurers have changed the playing field. At the same time, nowhere else are so many innovations taking place as in healthcare.

Factsheet: Healthcare

Healthcare is on the move. Healthcare institutions have regularly had to deal with takeovers, mergers and reorganisations in recent years.

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Continuous stream of innovations.

The Health and Welfare sector is hugely innovative. New applications in home automation, radiology, prevention and screening make healthcare smarter and more personal. Much attention is paid to this through research projects and innovation programs within (academic) hospitals and other healthcare institutions. This concerns not only improvements within the care provision itself, but also, for example, the introduction of chain care (EPD), telecare and self-management of patients.


Rising health care costs and political pressure.

Managing all these changes is an interesting challenge and increasingly part of the daily business. Having an up-to-date insight into the progress of the projects, including their contribution to the strategic objectives, is therefore a must. Moreover, these projects require a lot of work, while the right knowledge and resources are scarce. It is therefore important to assign the right priorities and to steer towards the best achievable result with the optimal use of the available resources.

Grip on costs and innovations.

In order to keep a grip on the multitude of changes and innovation projects, all healthcare institutions expect top-notch project and portfolio management. Both care and cure institutions must continue to critically examine what they can (still) do and what not anymore. This requires, among other things, good portfolio management and a solid project organization that realizes the intended objectives in an efficient and transparent manner.

Fortes Change Cloud for professional project management in healthcare

The complex environment in which healthcare institutions, healthcare providers and suppliers operate requires a professional project approach. Project-based working based on proven methodologies is then an important tool to keep a grip on transition programs and innovation projects. Fortes Change Cloud has been offering all this for over 20 years. Various hospitals, healthcare institutions, pharmaceuticals, municipalities and health insurers use the Fortes Change Cloud software to manage their projects and programs.

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