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Our vacancies are open for Dutch speaking applicant. Please consult the Dutch vacancy page for details on our job vacancies, student job vacancies and graduation thesis assignments.

Why choose Fortes?

“The high degree of input and impact you have on the end product. In addition, there is always someone to spar with or to play a game of table tennis.”


Fabian – Software Developer 

“You can certainly develop yourself at Fortes.”


Lars – Software Developer 
“There is no hierarchy at all, which is great about our organization. Everyone addresses each other in the same way and suggestions or new ideas are always appreciated.”


Thomas – Lead UI/UX
“What makes working at Fortes very nice is that you really have an influence on the end product and that our end product is used by large companies.”


Peter – Product Owner 
“There is a lot of fun, both during working hours and afterwards. We regularly participate in a pub quiz and often organize activities such as Friday afternoon drinks, a beer tasting or a dinner, a games afternoon and other outings such as the annual Christmas dinner.”


Marlyn – Marketing & Sales Professional

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