Work Agile within the entire organization.

Working together on a strategic level.

Three apps, one solution 

In many organizations Agile is worked on the basis of the Scrum methodology. But if there are many teams, the need for coordination between the teams and a continuous alignment with the strategic goals quickly arises. Scaled Agile methods offer a solution for this. Fortes Change Cloud offers support with three Scaled Agile apps to organizations that want to apply Agile organization-wide and in-house. The intuitive apps can easily be configured
for targeted support of popular Scaled Agile frameworks such as SAFe and LeSS. They are easy to integrate with commonly used tools such as JIRA and Microsoft TFS.

Agile Portfolio

Play as an organization faster for change through application from Agile portfolio management. Make choices using a lightweight decision-making process based on strategic goals and financial criteria. See how projects are connected and to what extent they contribute to the strategic goals. Determine what will be picked up first by prioritizing and communicate this transparently with the underlying Agile programs and teams.

Agile Program

The Agile program is also called release train. Within the program, the coordination and distribution of work between the various teams is arranged.

Create and prioritize with this app the items (often called features or epics) in the program kanban. These program items can then go through the different ones teams are picked up (pull process) and further elaborated into smaller items (user stories). Link the program to one parent portfolio for strategic connection.

Agile Team

As a team, collect autonomous program items from the parent program (pull process). Work it out to user stories and then prioritize the work. Realize the work based on Scrum in sprints or kanban.

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