From strategy to impact

Getting more impact from your strategy in a short time starts with clearly establishing your strategic goals, involving employees in the realization and continuously measuring and adjusting the results achieved.

Strategic direction

Giving direction to strategic programs often turns out to be more difficult than expected. There is often no link between strategy, implementation and feedback on the delivered results. In particular, the continuous measurement and adjustment of the delivered impact is insufficient. The result: waste of money and energy, and more importantly: failure to realize the strategic agenda in time.

Change governance

Fortes Change Cloud offers tools to repair the broken strategy cycle. With specific apps for strategy definition, portfolio management, project management and real-time insight into KPIs, you keep an overview of complex change processes within your organization. Whether you prefer to work agile or more systematically, Fortes Change Cloud supports you with change governance at portfolio level and gives you more control over the realization of the strategic benefits!

Measure the impact of your strategic programs directly, without first adjusting the project execution.

Record business cases and strategic goals and link them to clear targets.

Control the realization of strategic initiatives through real-time reports from the strategic portfolio.


Make timely adjustments at portfolio and project level, based on current performance and results.

Do more in less time

With over 100.000 users, Fortes Change Cloud is the market leader in strategic transformations and project portfolio management.

Numerous companies, ministries, hospitals, water boards and municipalities have already opted for Fortes. Not only because of the scalable and intuitive software solutions, but also for the no-nonsense implementation approach of our consultants. With deep knowledge of strategic change processes and project portfolio management, setting up Fortes Change Cloud therefore takes less time than you think!

Do you want to see more?

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