Behind the scenes, Fortes has been busy improving the Principal Toolbox to support you in the years to come. In anticipation of the formal release of the new version of the Principal Toolbox, it has been given a name for the future: Fortes Change Cloud. Release expected July.

Fortes Change Cloud

The Principal Toolbox under its new name, Fortes Change Cloud, is enhanced with a new, state-of-the-art software platform. This platform enables Fortes to use continuous delivery techniques to quickly update and patch Fortes Change Cloud. Faster delivery provides you with the opportunity to become embedded in the development process for new functions and improvements. Of course existing Principal Toolbox functionalities remain unchanged and fully functioning in Fortes Change Cloud.

Easy to use apps
Users will immediately see the cornerstone of the new platform; the app-selector. The app-selector guides users through their currently available functionality in a highly intuitive way. The roadmap for transferring existing Principal Toolbox functionality into apps will be implemented in the coming months.

Seven advantages of Fortes Change Cloud:

    • Clean and modern multi-app look
    • Improved user experience and faster navigation
    • Continuous development of the existing core Principal Toolbox functionality
    • Phased introduction of new apps for (Scaled) Agile and Management Dashboards (BI)
    • Increased influence of users regarding in new functionality and improvements
    • Shorter development cycles and fewer bugs
  • Increased flexibility and integration possibilities

Interested in the new look & feel?
Take a look at some screenshots of Fortes Change Cloud

Rollout Fortes Change Cloud
July: Fortes Change Cloud is available to customers currently using the hosted version 9.5 (SaaS). End 2017: the new release is available to customers running the Principal Toolbox on local servers.

More information?
We will keep you up to date on new developments concerning apps and functionality. If you have any questions regarding Fortes Change Cloud, please contact Sales on + 31 (0)33 4570027 or have a look at the frequently asked questions.