The roles involved in Strategic Resource Management

With Strategic Resource Management we can identify various roles involved, depending on the context, industry, and structure of the organization. Some of the key roles include:

Top Management/ Portfolio manager

The executive or management team has a strategic role in setting the direction and priorities of the organization. They are responsible for formulating long-term strategy, making key decisions regarding resource allocation and ensuring an effective resource management process throughout the organization. They work closely with the Resource manager and other stakeholders to ensure that the right resources are available to achieve organizational goals.

Resource Manager

The Resource Manager is responsible for the strategic planning and management of resources within an organization or organizational unit. This role includes identifying resource needs, assigning resources to projects, optimizing resource utilization and monitoring resource performance. The Resource manager works with Project managers, department leaders and HR to ensure that the right resources are available at the right time.

HR manager

The HR manager plays a crucial role in Strategic Resource Management. This role includes identifying the skills and capabilities needed in the organization, attracting and recruiting talented employees, developing training and development programs, fostering a positive work culture and managing performance reviews. The HR manager works with the Resource manager to ensure alignment between available resources and organizational goals.

Project manager

The project manager is responsible for planning, executing and managing specific projects within an organization. This role includes identifying project requirements, creating project plans, assigning resources to tasks, monitoring project progress and managing risk. The project manager works closely with the Resource manager to ensure that the right resources are available to achieve project goals.

the process steps within Strategic Resource Management

It is important to note that the specific roles and responsibilities may vary depending on the organization, industry and context.

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